Client Projects

A few of the apps built under contract for clients...


iGetIt Apps

More than 20 apps designed to support language skill development.

Education apps built on a common framework with file management, Core Data, complex screens and overlays.


Social shopping app that lets users follow each other, like individual products, and buy online.

Includes user account creation and sharing between users, a Tinder-like swipe gesture interface and complex backing server.



Create photo-booth style photo strips, manipulate them, print and share the results. Intended for use at events like kids birthday parties, etc.

Third party photo editors, complex image resizing and compositing, AirPrint and PDF enabled.


Inspire 365

Lifestyle app for inspiration, integrating reminders, non-repeating selections, updatable data sets.

Push notifications, CoreData storage, social media sharing.


Word Tracker

Writing aid and tracking software for serious writers, tracking projects, metrics, etc.

Fun interface backed by Core Data, custom fonts and graphics, and responsive sizing for iPhone/iPad.


Inside Host

Crowd-sourcing of wait times for popular nearby restaurants. backend, map and GPS integration, data from third-party web services (Google's Places API).


SAI Transitions

Regulated on-boarding process for new hires at financial services firm.

Complex scheduling and sequencing, many custom views to display related information in multiple formats on iPad and iPhone form factors.


Tone Pacer

Medical therapy software contracted by a medical researcher. 

Uses generated tones with various settings to assist patients with certain medical conditions. 



Photo capture and manipulation/processing/compositing app as front end to popular Instagram service.

Integration of third-party image editing package, complex in-app image resizing and compositing, iAd and AdMob integration.


For client-confidentiality reasons, I can't list everything I've worked on here. These are just a few examples of past work that I'm able share without spoiling the illusion that companies always write their own apps!