Driftwood Studio Apps

The following apps were built by Driftwood Studio as part of a "live portfolio" to demonstrate capabilities in a way that can't be conveyed by static screenshots.


When Was

Remember when it happened, know when it needs attention again.

Data-driven application for tracking events, attributes of those events, reminders, etc. Primary focus is on data flow/presentation across multiple views and designing a consistent interface for use across multiple form factors (phone, iPad).


Codex Calc

The calculator for the rest of us, with tip calculator, conversions, 
multiple themes and an RPN mode.

A technology demonstration project focused on UI elements: user-selectable color themes, alternate layouts and sizes, zooming and collapsing views, pop-ups, multiple UI modes, etc.


Progress Today

There is only progress, and what matters is dedication each day.

A timer and statistics app for tracking time spent daily on various tasks. Strongly based on "flat UI" design, subtle animations and swipe gestures for navigation.


Signal Drop

Your backup plan to get the message out when you can't do it yourself.

A "just in case" messaging app that lets you schedule messages to be sent if you don't check in when expected.