Mobile Development Services

Developing great mobile apps is a specialized skill, and requires more than having taken an "intro to iOS development" course online.


It requires deep experience in software design and development, combined with expert knowledge of mobile platforms.

How does this work?


Every project starts with a conversation: what kind of app do you need? what approach would work best? is Driftwood Studio the best fit for you?


Next comes the details: working out specific features and building the app collaboratively, seeing your idea become a reality!


Delivery, support and additions: complete assistance with getting the app submitted and approved, quickly handling any discovered issues, and adding more great features as the app grows.

Can’t you just give me a price and get started?

If a developer gives you a price before asking many questions, run... and don't look back.

Software development is a complex process. Even for a simple app, a developer who focuses more on the sale than on understanding the app isn't going to build the app you need.

You'll probably be lucky if they build an app that even works. 

The more questions your developer asks at the start, the better your outcome is going to be at the end.

How do I know if Driftwood Studio is the right developer for my project?

Not every developer is right for every project

Some concentrate on games, some on stand-alone utility apps, others on cloud services.

Some contractors bid on every job that crosses their desk, regardless of that all important "fit" factor.

With Driftwood Studio, I take a different approach. I believe the easiest path to happy clients is to take on projects that I know I can do a better job with than anyone else, and refer you to a colleague if I feel they are better suited to your needs.

I turn down a surprising amount of work with this approach, but I have a 100% "I would hire you again in a heartbeat!" success rate with clients as a result. 

Consider the needs of your app

What type of app do you need?

  • A shared server solution, with users able to share data?
  • Maps, GPS, notifications, animations and other aspects of a rich user experience?
  • Are social media and ability to connect with other services important?
  • Does the app that uses the latest iOS features and keeps current with new releases?
  • Is it important that the app be able to run on both iPads and iPhones (now or in the future)?
  • Do you need help with creating "back end" services?
  • Would it be beneficial to use in-app advertising or in-app purchases?